Another one bites the dust; RIP, Kodak BW400CN.

Another one bites the dust; RIP, Kodak BW400CN.

Last week, Kodak posted a notice stating that BW400CN, their C41 processed black and white film, was being discontinued.

Regarding the decision, Kodak wrote that they “empathize with the Pro photographers and consumers who use and love this film, but given the significant minimum order quantity necessary to coat more product combined with the very small customer demand, it is a decision [they]…

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Pdexposures Podcast Episode 36 - On Gender and the Naked Self

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 36 – On Gender and the Naked Self

This week we foolishly wade into possibly the most controversial of all controversial photography subjects: the position of women in photography, both in front of and behind the camera. Do female photographers garner the respect they deserve? Why does the vast majority of nude photography involve a female subject? And are three men really qualified to be having this discussion?

Luckily, we have…

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The Audience Speaks: Beginner’s Cameras

The Audience Speaks: Beginner’s Cameras

Just over a week ago, we released Episode 35 of the Pdexposures Podcast, with stories of our first cameras and our suggestions and recommendations for new film shooters. We also asked for listeners to send in their experiences and recommendations; what follows is some of our favourite responses.

Jim Clinefelter:
Personal opinion (from someone who’s been a photographer for nearly 40 years, and has…

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Pdexposures Podcast Episode 35 - Recommendations for Beginners

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 35 – Recommendations for Beginners

Another audience request this week at Pdexposures! Kevin Montgomery, a fan of the show who’s never shot film before, wanted to know what we’d suggest for a beginner film user.

As such, we spent an hour talking about the mistakes beginners often make, the different pedagogical approaches to teaching someone about film photography, and why the Pentax K1000 really isn’t the best option for a…

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Heads up: Copyright violation on a massive scale

Heads up: Copyright violation on a massive scale

By now, many of you will have heard about a website called “Gallery of Today” which is scraping and posting free downloads of many photographer’s images. If you search for your name, blog title, or various other unique strings at, you’ll probably find some of your own.

Obviously, this is a violation of various international copyright laws, most notably the Digital Millenium…

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The Pinhole Podcast - Episode 5: Pinhole Heroes

The Pinhole Podcast – Episode 5: Pinhole Heroes

It’s Episode 5 of the Pinhole Podcast! We took a break from talking about ourselves (and notebooks and cable releases and stuff) and had a chat about some of our pinhole heroes.

What is a pinhole hero, you ask? We had lots of opinions (surprise), but pretty much agreed that a hero is someone who inspires us. They really know how to use their cameras and are always learning new ways to see with…

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The Top 5 “Alternative” Compact Cameras

The Top 5 “Alternative” Compact Cameras

As some of you may have noticed, I was absent from the latest episode of the Pdexposures Podcast, and Dan Domme filled in – giving Nate a perfect partner with whom he could wax lyrical about automatic compacts without someone scowling at every possible opportunity.

Now, I’m not a fan of automation in cameras. Yep, I’m one of those nerdy guys Dan’s on about towards the end of the episode, and…

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Pdexposures Podcast Episode 34- Champagne Dreams

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 34- Champagne Dreams

Tony is away, so Simon and Nate invited Dan Domme back on to the show to discuss a topic that we have not covered in the past. The darling of the 90′s, and no we do not mean ska music. We mean of course the wonderful compact camera.

The compact camera is an interesting product, most of them were terrible however there are some real gems in the world like the Yashica T4 and the Contax T2.

This is…

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Plastic Imagery Episode 9- Entering Contests

Plastic Imagery Episode 9- Entering Contests

Episode 9, or 17 as some co-hosts will insist on it being called is all about contests and galleries, because a recent contest has Simon very upset. They have forbidden the submission of film photos, only digital. But Simon has a workaround for that.

The gang also discussed various other photography contests that happen annually like Krappy Kamera. Additionally Rayko and LightBox Astoriahave…

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Pdexposures Podcast Episode 33 - Waist Level Lovin’

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 33 – Waist Level Lovin’

We’ve talked briefly about them before, but by special request, we’re dedicating this entire episode to TLRs. You can thank Patrick J Clarke for giving us the chance to wax lyrical about these amazing cameras for an hour!

So join us as we discuss the benefits of the TLR, share a love of Yashica’s TLR line, and explore some of the more esoteric offerings in this seemingly straightforward niche.


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